Fuego - The flaming star
Santiago Moreno is THE hottest  bachelor according to Star magazine. So you know it's true. The overconfident playboy lives life one party at a time, and finances it all with his performances in hit dramas from small to big screens. A couple of months back, however, Santiago thought it's time to do something more fun, so he began his search for an exciting action role to play, and immediately signed up when his manager presented a golden opportunity. Mr. Moreno would play the leading man in a reboot to the classic 1950s comic hero Firestorm. With a Hispanic superhero, the audience hyped the movie before it even began filming, and Santiago, for the first time in years felt pressure to perform.

San decided that method acting is the way to go, so he commissioned a suit in secret to replicate Firestorm's powers, and pushed it to completion in mere weeks. For a few nights he went out and messed around with his powers. The suit wasn't perfect, but good enough to let it get to his head. He was so convinced that he's a superhero, that when a fire erupted in a downtown building, he rushed, masked to the scene, and ignoring the firefighters' warnings went inside to help. The fireproofing on the suit helped, but Moreno was way in over his head. Barely navigating the fiery maze, he found an unconscious young girl young girl. With his last strength, he managed to get her out of the building, just as it collapsed.

The firefighters took the girl from his arms, and to his surprise thanked him by name. His mask had been burned off! Along with a big portion of the suit. Before he had time to react, a crowd surrounded him and cheered his name. Not long before the whole thing going viral. This didn't do much to reduce his ego, and everybody knew who he was, but "so what" he thought. Maybe he wasn't doing things the right superhero way, but he was getting it done. It didn't seem right to keep the name Firestorm, as he had put his own twist on it. No, it was Fuego who would light the streets at night. The first public superhero.

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