FULL ADVENTURE: The Mines of Khazakahn


The mountains that separate the Greenwood from the Empty Lands have always been rich with jewels and ore. Over the centuries, many Dwarven clans have laid claim to various peaks and caverns in search of profits. While some have prospered, others have vanished beneath the earth, never to be heard from again.

Khazakahn was one such outpost. Lost to a Duergar warband over a century ago, the veins of precious metals have all but run dry under their harsh mining efforts. As such, few soldiers and workers remain. In fact, being stationed at Khazakhan has become a form of punishment among the Duergar as it's close to the surface and of little importance to their people.

Tired of his position, the leader of the Khazakhan Duergar has been raising a young red dragon in secret with the hopes of using it to usurp control of the faction from the elders who banished him to Khazakhan. As it grew, however, it began needing more food than the Duergar could find within the caves and caverns. So, they've been raiding local farms for livestock. This has attracted the attention of the mayor of Arcanfeld whose people have been hurt the most by the raids. Now, he's offered a reward for anyone who can put an end to the raids once and for all.


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