FULL ADVENTURE: The Tomb of Tzentak

Centuries ago, long before the civilized races overthrew the dark warlords of the time, the Southern Sands were ruled by a man known only as Tzentak the God-King. Wielding immense arcane and military power, he conquered the desert tribes and brought them to heel under his leadership. He built great temples in his own image and lavished in his status. As he aged, however, he could not accept his own mortality. Thus, he sought out everlasting life.

The result was a fortress-like complex. He buried himself there with his closest and most trusted followers, turning to necromancy to avoid death. Now, he slumbers as a mummy lord, his spirit travelling the cosmos. To protect himself, he built traps and fail safes designed to punish and kill any foolish enough to disturb his final resting place.

Time passed, and history turned to legend. Tzentak was all but forgotten, until one day a rockslide revealed a false entrance to his temple. When the local villagers investigated, they found a room full of riches waiting to be pilfered. They spread the gold amongst themselves and unknowingly contracted a deadly curse. Now, the villagers are dying, slowly turning into desiccated corpses. The gold has turned to dust, and those afflicted have a thirst they cannot quench. If they can't find a way to lift the curse within the next three days, the last remaining villagers will perish.

UPDATE: Added a numbered version of the map. :)

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