Full changelog for 0.49.5a

Hi guys,

here is the full changelog of the 0.49.5a.

Hope you like it.

Best regards


Content (208 new images, 1 animation):

  • Added the Bar event for Lisa
  • Added the Warehouse and the first order (For the moment repeatable)
  • Added a new cut scene for Lisa before the second shopping event
  • Added the second shopping event with Lisa
  • Added the next swim tour with Lisa
  • Added the pictures at breakfast for Lisa’s new Corruption Level 3
  • Added new pictures in her room if you look through the keyhole
  • Added the next three cut scenes in which your wife knows what happened with Lisa
  • Added the next step with the Shelter girl
  • Added a new cut scene for reaching Charm Level 1
  • Added a new cut scene for the Scentek Story
  • Added two new cut scenes for the Job searching in the early game
  • Added a new cut scene after a workday for the early game (You will still see it but it doesn’t fit in the story if you have been playing the game for a while)
  • Replaced 9 incorrect images for the first shopping event with Lisa at the clothing store if you would buy the first new swimwear for Lisa
  • Replaced two incorrect images for Lisa at the public pool
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor))


  • Reduced the arousal raising at the pool while you are there with Lisa, so you won’t get caught by the lifeguard that easily
  • Reduced the interval of the bar visit events a little and the prizes in the VIP area for better access
  • Added nameable save games
  • Added a higher maximum for the Fitness level. You can now raise your to 50
  • Added Charm Level 3 and made it a little more difficult to reach it

Bug fixing:

  • Fixed a bug with Vanessa at the Bar
  • Fixed a time bug at the park
  • Fixed a small Hygiene bug at the pool when going there with Lisa
  • Fixed some bugs with the shop
  • Fixed some variable bugs
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

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