Full changelog for 0.50b

Hi guys,

here is the full changelog for the 0.50b.

The next version will then the regular 0.51.

Hope you like it.

Best regards


Content ( 227 new images, 3 animations) In this version:

  • It looks like your wife is in a heroic mood during this next photoshoot. Can you take advantage of that and see how brave she actually is? 
  • There is more interaction now if you enter the kitchen before breakfast. Show your wife some affection or start the day by teasing her a little. 
  • Helena is waiting at home for your visit after workhours. Initially to have a good conversation but it might lead to more if you both want it badly enough. 
  • If you have been visiting Helena’s home often enough there could be a surprising outcome in the form of a new cut scene
  • Did you spend time with Nina a lot at the Cinema? Not a very romantic place is it? This time you can go somewhere the air is fresh and the scenery much nicer. 
  • The Scentek Story continues today. Your wife is about to make a life changing decision. (Two new cut scenes on Thursdays) 
  • It can be hard to focus on your book when Lisa is distracting you. Or maybe she can make herself a little bit useful and test how well you’re doing. (One new cut scene when reaching charm level 2)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor))


  • Stats now have more information to make it easier finding certain events and situations. (most of them just show after a scene is available)
  • Sick of watching too much tv? Marcus will now send you a message if there are new TV News items.
  • Reduced some RNG values to increase the change triggering some events or situations
  • Replaced some incorrect images of Lisa in her room
  • Changed the variables for Nina to involve the new scenes
  • Changed some buttons to make the menu for Android easier to use.


  • Fixed the wrong prizes in the Shelter
  • Fixed some logical bugs
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

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