Full changelog for 0.52a

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here is the full changelog for the 0.52a

Hope you like it.

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  • Mister Finance has more money for you, if you are willing to complete his assignments (Added  the second five tasks at the park for your wife, which you can trigger by going jogging on Tuesday)
  • It seems nobody in Landing City visits the cinema on Mondays. Maybe you can and get some extra attention from that hot young blonde. (Added the first scenes at the Cinema)
  • Jill is back and waiting for her next training session(s), if you're fit enough and she feels like it. (Added two new scenes at the park for Jill.) Training day still on Friday after Sunset. )
  • Lisa will start working on Saturday at the bar. She could use a little support during her first time. Michelle won’t go there so guess who will? (Added the day for Lisa at the bar)
  • When you finish your book, Lisa is always  there for you to check on your progress. (Added a new cut scene for reaching the third charm level)
  • Helena might be a bit older but she’s still so flexible. How does that woman do that? Time to discover her secret. (Added the next step for Helena)
  • Added some more sounds
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene writer)) 


  • Made the Android version more useable (Thanks to Mankinder)
  • The Android version uses gestures  (Swipe down to hide textbox, Swipe up to access) menu


  • Fixed some minor bugs to improve gameplay

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