Full changelog for 0.53b

Hi guys,

here is the full changelog for the 0.53b.

Hope you like it.

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  • Vanessa took some time grieving over her grandmother, but now she’s back and ready for it. (Added the next menu options Vanessa has to offer in the Bar’s private area. Once unlocked.)
  • You thought getting kicked out of the public pool was bad? Then wait what the Life Guard will do when she catches you aroused too often. It should keep you busy for weeks to come. (Added part of the story line for her by popular demand.) 
  • For those who found her secret hiding place, the Fallen Angel has more to offer if you have the Novos. (Added more action with the Shelter Girl)
  • Is our lovely shy Nina opening up a bit more to you, now that she is really starting to like you? (Added more for Nina’s story at the park)
  • Let's see if she can tap a decent cold one now. Lisa is back in action on her second week at the bar. (Added week 2 for Lisa’s bar job on Saturday.) 
  • Jenny became one of your most popular inhabitants of Landing City, so we couldn't leave her out. Four weeks of her story added. (Made some small adjustments for her storyline so instead of a Spa Voucher the Porn on Paper will do for now.)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scenario Writer))


  • Fixed the curfew preventing the bar story bug
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed some images not showing up correctly
  • Fixed a variable bug for the bar visiting with your wife    
  • Fixed a bug that Mr. Finance couldn’t give you your money. You get it automatic if you load your save    
  • Fixed another small bug about Mr. Finance
  • Fixed a bug with the arousal variable for the Lifeguard scene, now it should work correct 
  • Fixed some smaller bugs

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