Full changelog for 0.55

Hi guys,

last week i was ill. But i try to hold the release date and give you an good update.

Here is the full changelog for the 0.55.

Hope you like it.

Best regards



Content ( 167 new images, 1 animation):

  • Sometimes things happen in the room that are more worth watching than what is shown on the silver screen. (Added some new steps for the cinema visit with your wife)
  • Now that Nina has found the right sports bra, she can also do a lot of exercises.  (Added the next step with Nina at the park)
  • If she likes you enough, you can come to her house and Nina will slowly literally expose herself. (Added the first step at her home Her House will be added later on the map. For the moment you can reach it on Monday by heading over to the park)
  • Only one more assignment to go for Mister Finance. Can you do it? (Added the last scenes with Mr. Finance on Tuesday and finally on Monday)
  • It has been four weeks now since your daughter started working at the bar. Can she finally tap a decent beer? (Added the fourth workday at the Bar for Lisa)
  • Have you all bought a Spa Voucher? Good. Then let's quickly take that to the hot young blonde on a Monday afternoon or evening and see how far she wants to go to get that. (Added the next Monday Cinema event for Jenny)
  • Mr. Peter has some new jobs for you in his warehouse. Some packages need to be delivered for a nice fee. (Added the next steps at the warehouse)
  • Jill has already lost 20 lbs. Let's see what she’ll look like if we can make her lose 10 more. (Added the next steps with Jill)
  • Your wife is searching for a way to look at herself in the mirror again. And not because she feels guilty about something. (Added a new cut scene on Thursday for the Scentek story)
  • Have you also felt you’ve worked hard without anyone realizing it? Your wife has a morning surprise for you. (Added a new cut scene for the MC (if you have a job)
  • Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene writer))


  • Fixed another bug which pushes you back to main menu after clicking on Lin’s house
  • Fixed several smaller bugs

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