A full day in the car and an army convoy.
Up at 5am. On the road by 6:30. We arrived in Changara just after 8 and waited 30 mins for the military convoy to leave. The convoy is a 5km queue of cars, buses and trucks that all follow a big army vehicle complete with heavily armed soldiers carrying very big guns and other heavy weapons that look like if they went off by mistake could ruin the rest of your holiday. Once the military vehicle heads off at roughly 80km / hour it's like the safety car coming out in formula one, except with one difference, while no one passes the lead car, behind it, it's a free for all and no rules. Vehicles drive on the right hand side of the single carriage way, passing other vehicles and then pushing in a few places ahead of where they were before. A few minutes later a bus two places behind you will steam past in the right lane and force it's way into a non-existent space in front of you and then continue at the same speed as the rest of the convoy. The strategy of this continual passing eludes me. Everyone is travelling 200km at a pace determined by the army vehicle passing one another achieves nothing except add stress. Crazy. We caught the first convoy and then waited an hour for the second and eventually arrived in Chamoi around 4pm. Hugo (the guy we met the day before in Tete) kindly offered us a place to camp on his mango farm around 100km south of the Chamoi. The place we camped was an awesome quiet spot right next to the river on the mango farm. We made some dinner, had a glass of wine and an early night.
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