[full_inu] Gloom Set

Update 05.09.2020:
Added additional items: a recolor of Gloom set (textures taken from folder with objects, which sometimes contains cut content and other interesting items), gloom shield and rapier (with the same set of textures), and shotel (for the right hand) and parrying dagger (for the left hand) - classic set of weapons for NPC in Demon's Souls.

One of the best Demon's Souls armors, Gloom Set. Worn by Yurt, the Silent Chief.

* FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
* full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit
* Starkhark (twitter) - artwork

- for Skyrim Legendary Edition: SKSE, XPMSE, Racemenu
- for Skyrim SE: SKSE, XPMSSE, Racemenu SE

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