[full_inu] Noble Dress

Update 24.01.2020:
New items were added: recolors, enemy NPC version (longer skirt) with hair, weapon. Added crown of illusions as an object which is most common to worn with this set. Added counterpart of this Bloodborne crown from DSIII: Wolnir's Crown. Final release.
20.03.2020: Public release.

Noble (or alluring - before 1.01 patch) dress is an attire in Bloodborne, worn by player, NPC and enemies of the castle Cainhurst.

* FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
* full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit, HDT
* Witchy (twitter) - artwork

- for Skyrim Legendary Edition: SKSE, XPMSE, HDT-SMP, Racemenu, UNP body and textures
- for Skyrim SE:  SKSE, XPMSSE, HDT-SMP, Racemenu SE, UNP body and textures

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