[full_inu] Yahar'gul Set

Update 19.11.2019:
Mod was fully redone from scratch. Better textures and meshes. Added greatsword. Fixed ESP to make armor craftable and somewhat relevant stats for gameplay.

This armor worn by inhabitants of Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. Judge by description, they were not a beast hunters, but more like human kidnappers. So if you want to kidnap someone (or something 🤔)  in Skyrim, take this. And good hunting! 🤣

* FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
* full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit, HDT

- for Skyrim Legendary Edition: SKSE, HDT-SMP, XPMSE, Racemenu
- for Skyrim SE: SKSE, HDT-SMP, XPMSSE, Racemenu SE

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