Full List of My Projects & Designs


Since some of you might have only recently discovered my work, I wanted to provide a list of everything I've done in the past years - together with the appropriate links.

Consider this sort of an anthology-checklist!

  • Blades of the Inquisition is a Blades in the Dark hack that allows you to play a Dark Heresy campaign. It requires the original Blades in the Dark rules, by John Harper.
    This is a free download.
  • Bloodborne is a Lasers & Feelings hack dedicated to From Software's cosmic/gothic horror videogame. This one too is based on a work by John Harper.
    This is a free download.
  • Blood Red Blossoms is a pseudo-historical role playing game about supernatural-hunting pilgrims set during Sengoku Japan, with horror elements!
    This is a free download.
  • Broken Binary and Broken Binary: Critical Conditions are two minimal cyberpunk-transhumanistic role playing games, one closer to Ghost in the Shell, the other to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Two faces of the same messy future.
    These are both free downloads.
  • Dark Souls: Unofficial Role Playing Game is a beast of a project, a fanmade role playing game fully designed to evoke the themes of the Souls series.
    This is a free download.
  • Death Spiral is a minimal TRPG filled with despair, heavily influenced by Darkest Dungeon, Torchbearer, Made in Abyss, Maze Rats and Etrian Odyssey.
    This is a free download.
  • Fabula Ultima is my homage to classic JRPG titles. It is shaping up to be a big book, allowing for campaign play in the vein of titles such as Final Fantasy IV-VI-IX-X-XII, as well as Tactics Ogre, Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler.
    This title will be released as a full physical book, in English (2022) and Italian (2021).
    You can find the
    official website here; if you were a Patron before the end of December 2020, when the core book was removed from this Patreon due to the collaboration with the publisher, you can find some updates here.
    Finally, you can find
    playtest materials for future content here - these are visible to anyone, Patron or not!
  • Fighting Hearts: Overdrive! is a boardgame/rpg hybrid themed around fighting games (Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Tekken...)
    This is a free download, but currently incomplete (rules for training matches and character creation are available).
  • Fleshscape is a prehistoric fantasy body horror role playing game. It is my most downloaded title as of today.
    This is a free download.
  • Full Party Strike! is a CC-BY-SA framework for tabletop role-playing games done in the style of brawler/scrollers/high-action beat 'em ups.
    This is a free download.
  • Gamma Five is my conversion work adapting the original Gamma World setting to the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.
    This is a free download.
  • Grudge Immortal is an Old School adventure scenario set within the Sengoku period and strongly based in Japanese history and myth. It was born of my research for Blood Red Blossoms, especially the reading of texts such as the Kojiki and Tale of the Heike. It was designed for compatibility with Lamentations of the Flame Princess.
    This title is free to download; Content Warning: the scenario includes violence, gore, implied violence against children. This scenario also no longer represents who I am and want to be as an author and as a human being: for more on this, please read this post.
  • Guilds of Coldstone is a deckbuilding game inspired by titles such as Ascension and Star Realms, with a bit of Magic: the Gathering synergies thrown into the mix.
    This print-and-play kit is currently available to Patrons only.
  • Midnight: Tales from the Timeless City is a weird little game about adventures in a gothic city outside space and time, inspired by movies such as Franklyn and Dark City and settings such as Planescape.
    This is a free download.
  • Monster + Maid <3 Mistress is a Lasers & Feelings hack that lets you play short scenarios in the vein of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.
    This is a free download.
  • Overwatch: Fanmade Card Game is yet another of my derivative works, a card game based on Blizzard's exceptional Overwatch IP. I do my best to keep it updated with the latest heroes released. The game itself could be considered a fusion of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Destiny and CD Projekt Red's Gwent.
    This is a free download.
  • Partizan: Grim Fantasy RPG is my minimalist, new-wave take on classic grim fantasy RPGs.
    This title is currently available to Patrons only.
  • SEPPUKU: Fury of the Samurai is a bit of an experiment, a solitaire role playing game focusing on the last moments of a samurai's life, and the choices who brought him to ritual suicide. Obviously, content warning: self-harm, suicide, ritual suicide.
    This is a free download.
  • Sword Maiden is a minimal game about a sword and a maiden in a bloody path for vengeance. Will she be consumed by the blade?
    This is a free download.
  • Time of the Essence is a boardgame/rpg hybrid focused on crafting items and helping people in a post-apocalyptic but colorful fantasy world.
    It is currently a work in progress.
  • Wonders Wild & Deep is my take on a pocket game that allows for old school role playing, classic dungeon crawling and adventuring.
    This is a free download.  
  •  Zodiac Echoes [WIP] is a game about teenagers fighting against the end of the world, inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, Fate/Type Zero and The World Ends With You. Its design is strongly influenced by Shinobigami and Monsterhearts, and it is designed to be played in a single session.
    This title is currently in a state of heavy rework.


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