Full Moon Overflowing
Did you see the eclipse this morning? It was so cool! I thought today was the perfect day to give something away. Yay! Welcome to Round S--oh, whatever. I lost count a long time ago. It's time to play The Overflow Theory! Tonight I will select three players to battle it out (not really) over this 11x14 inch metallic print (called Serenity.) Yep, 11x14. Big moon ~ Big print! ALL PATRONS are entered automatically into a random number generator. Your pledge is your entry. $1=One entry, $5=Five entries, $20=Twenty, etc. Anyone who subscribes before I draw numbers is included! (If you're just joining us, here are the rules in detail: http://www.patreon.com/creation?hid=906301 ) I will notify players in the best method I have for them. Alright, let's play! Players chosen at random: 1. Sarah Jeffers 2. Kayli Peterson 3. Tina Weigel Congrats! Sarah WINS! Sarah, you may pass for any reason on this round. If so, the option then goes to Kayli. If Kayli passes, it goes to Tina. If Tina passes, I will draw three new players. Please say PASS or ACCEPT in the comments. :) If you accept the prize during this round, you're not eligible for the next round. (With an exception: All Patrons are eligible to win Original Paintings, regardless of if you've won the previous round.) Thanks so much for all the support! Love you guys!
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