Full Text: Can You Say My Name Again, Nadia Nova
This month the series features a novella-length narrative by artist and writer Nadia Nova. This erotic, trans lesbian romance story was originally released as a twine (interactive fiction) game on the itch.io indie game platform during Yuri Game Jam 2017. 

Since the text has been available online since then in this unique, playable form, I want to direct readers who would like to access a digital version of can you say my name again to read/play the game in its original form on itch.io at this link. And make sure you also check out the rest of Nadia's games, including the sequel to this story titled disaster lesbians, over at her main page on itch.io.

Due of the length of Nadia's narrative (some 14k words) and some particularities in the way it was crafted for the game format, it will take a bit longer to adapt the text into a print-friendly format suitable for the physical booklets. However, once that is ready and the booklets are in production, I will upload a print-friendly PDF version of the text here for anyone who wants to make their own booklet at home or have the full text available in this more fluid form. 

One last thing, I'm moving across the country at the end of this month, so I'll be sending out most copies of Booklet #3 early, with the exception of copies for anyone who subscribes to the series towards the end of this month - those orders might arrive somewhat late since I'll be in transit and moving into a new place.