Full Time Initiative Details! (PUBLIC)
What is the Initiative?

The initiative is to bring awareness to this Patreon as well as raise $2000 per month by the end of April so I can work on Suihira full time.

Why $2000?

That's the minimum amount of cash I need to pay my half of bills and living expenses and not need to put Suihira aside to look for work.

Why until the end of April?

I can pretty much afford just to spend April doing this initiative. If it doesn't get accomplished by then, I would need to look for work that can pay my bills. I can't really deliver my end of the bargain if the goal were fulfilled while I'm in a long-term contract job. I have the time now so let's go!

When will Suihira be finished if the update schedule moves to 3 times per week?

At the current rate of one page per week, the comic will conclude in early 2027, with scheduled mid-chapter breaks (one month). At 3 pages per week, the comic will finish in early 2022, still with one-month-long mid-chapter breaks. So, if one wishes to support with $1 per month pledges throughout the production, the total support will be just about $48 ($12 per year). 

What's the deal with the tutorials?

With the full time goal, there will be one art or writing tutorial per month. Whether it will be in pdf or video format has yet to be determined. The topics for those tutorials will be decided by patrons, and Pilgrims ($10 tier) will have early access to them. 

You gonna be ok doing 3 pages per week + a monthly tutorial?

I made 3-5 pages per week at my job on top of Suihira so frankly it'll be routine work.

Will you still honor the tier rewards?

A large amount of Patreon Patrons will be tricky to manage, but I'm prepared for it. If there is an influx of Adventurers ($20 patrons) that's large, I might have to wait an extra month to order books for them. With the full-time goal, there will still be early access to pages, but pages will translate to weeks. For example: Vagabonds ($1 Patrons) see one page early, and upon the full-time goal, that will turn into three pages early, and Followers ($5 Patrons) who currently see two early pages, will then see 6 early pages, etc. Chapter .pdfs and sketchbooks will still be available upon completion of the chapter. The Short stories are currently on a "when I eventually get around to writing/editing them" basis. 

What if the pledges per month drop below $2000 between now and early 2022?

It honestly depends how much it drops and what my financial situation looks like at the time. So far my idea is that if it drops to $1500, I'll drop the monthly tutorials, and if it drops to $1000, I'll do 2 pages per week, and if it drops below $500, it'll go back to one-page per week. However, this can change depending on the aforementioned conditions. 

What if the pledges per month get close to $2000 but not quite that amount?

We'll see how close and I'll decide what to do from there. The amounts in the previous question is a good model for what I plan to do. 

Why haven't you done this earlier?

I was in a long-term contract job and you can't really do these sort of things with contract gigs. 

What will the update schedule be like with 3 pages per week?

On the main site, there will be updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tapas and Webtoons, there will be three pages per update on Sunday and Wednesday respectively. 

If the goal gets achieved, when will the new update schedule kick in?

If the goal gets achieved, you'll start to see 3 updates per week starting May 14th, 2018. Tutorials will be posted the first day of the new month, starting June 1st. 

I don't have $1 per month to spare. Is there any way I can still support?

Don't worry, I've been there. Just share the initiative on social media along with the comic! 

Will tipping on Tapas count as support? What about Webtoon’s Patreon program?

As much as I would like it to, it’s a little too complicated to consider Tapas tips as part of the goal, especially since it takes a long time to be able to withdraw them. I still appreciate them though, but I do prefer supporting me on Patreon. When it comes to Webtoons, I used to get a couple hundred or so from them per month through their program, but they recently changed the threshold for them to pay you which I’m currently always below. If I ever make above the minimum threshold again and get cash from them, I’ll consider it towards the goal.

Why is Wahida so angry?

C'mon, now. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask! 

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