Full-Time Stream Dream

I've officially decided to give full-time streaming a shot. In two weeks I will no longer have two jobs. I want to thank everyone for the support they have shown me and for making this such an incredible place. I've decided to pursue this path because I love it and I truly believe that cultivating the community that exists here is a much more valuable use of my time. While I know that I will not be able to make as much money streaming full-time as working I also know that money isn't what makes us happy. So long as I can subsist doing what I love I will do so.

I hope that I can continuing improving the quality of the stream and content that I make. I know that with the extra time I have now I will be able to give back to you all as I've always wanted to. Expect big things in the future!

All the patrons who have decided to give their hard earned income to me have my eternal gratitude. You are what has encouraged me to take the leap to being full time. Thank you so much for making my dream a reality.

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