[Full Translation] Vera's Region Tour Diary RJ163898 Released

Hey guys, it's finally done~~ After ~3 months of translating

A Full! Translation of Vera's Region Tour Diary is Finished

also, Big Thanks to Rrezz <3


Japanese Title:  ヴェラの地方漫遊記 

English Title: Vera's Region Tour Diary 

Version 1.10

DLSite JPN Link:  Click
DLSite ENG Link:  Click
Author's page: Click 
Author:  く~るシスター
Game size: 323 MB
Release Date: 2017/01/21 

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Here is the Patch Download: https://dbr.ee/l0Sg


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If you found any untranslated line or a Bug or a Typo or weird Grammar

Please Feel free to tell me

Since it's my first translation project, some lines might be weird and seems unnatural.

Also If you have any suggestion for my Next Project, Please comment

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