Thura, the niece of both Broxigar and Varok once witnessed a terrible recurring dream of a druid assisting Broxigar in a battle between the Night Elves and the Burning legion during the war of the ancients. However, as soon as the druid entered the battlefield to fight along Brox, he betrays Brox by planting a seed at the head of Brox's spinal cord, which then consumes the orcs body fully in leaves and brush. Seconds later, massive thorns erupt from the leaves consuming the orc's body leaving him maimed and helpless as he begins to bleed out. The druid in the dream, is later revealed to be Malfurion, however he never murdered Brox. He only wished to plant this dream into Thura's mind so that she would be driven to find Malfurion, in order to free him from his entrapment in the emerald nightmare.