The Fun for November
Hey guys, how you doing? I'm back this month after a few days' break with a question: how did you find the content released in October? Was it all to your satisfaction or were there some hiccups or issues worth that you feel are worth addressing? Sound off in the comments below! Like I said, I'm back after a short break, and I thought I'd get straight down in announcing the first piece of content for November: Morphed! Morphed is a new series involving a young couple living together in the suburbs. Dan aspires to be a female muscle morpher to create fantastical scenarios involving Loretta, but his skills are less than good. Regardless he maintains his drive, and soon things take an all-too interesting turn when the results from his morphing attempts end up becoming reality, affecting Loretta in so many ways! Dan and Loretta are currently placeholder names, though tell me what your thoughts are on the story idea as it stands. I haven't started writing this series yet, but you can rest assured it'll be a release this month for those who might be interested in it :)