Fun times at Granite State Comicon
Hey folks! With all my worry over Kelpie being down for repairs I didn’t stop to talk about how the convention went last weekend. It was a blast! As you can see above, I may have had a little too much fun in the dealer’s room. But I met a lot of wonderful people and picked up some new reading material I’m excited to get to! 

And the cosplayers... there were so many amazing cosplayers at this con! I loved it! If you follow me on Twitter you likely saw some of the photos I took. (Which reminds me, I should start organizing the cons into their own Moments on Twitter.)

Unfortunately it was not a great con for us sales wise. In fact, it seemed like most of the book sellers weren’t doing a brisk business. Toys, memorabilia, and swords seemed to be what caught people’s eyes. Yes, there was a sword vendor there. He was a very nice man who had the table next to us. Thing was, few folks noticed us due to the allure of shiny metal.  

Still, I would love to go back next year! I had a great time even with the limited sales. I loved seeing all the cosplayers, meeting and sharing ideas with other creators, and chatting with folks at the table. 

I have to admit, I was a little worried going in. We haven’t done a comic specific con since the flop that was Baltimore Comic Con almost ten years ago. My memories of that one involve dealing with an overwhelming feeling of being unwelcome due to the fact that I’m a woman, something I’d never experienced before in my numerous years of hanging out in comic shops. My worry was compounded by all the recent Comicsgate nonsense currently going around. When you see video online of some dude cutting women characters on comic covers through the chest with a knife, you tend to become a little nervous about how you’ll be received by that crowd. 

I’m happy to say I saw none of that at GSC. No one gave me the impression that I wasn’t welcome. No one automatically assumed Matt was the creator or ignored me when they found out I was. I saw women of various ages dressed as their favorite characters and having a ball. I saw fellow female creators with their own stories and art to share. It was a wonderful experience. 

So if you plan on being in the Manchester, NH area around this time next year check this convention out. Hopefully I’ll be there too!