FUN TIMES with Frankenstylin on 99.1FM DowntownRadio TUCSON
Dreams really do come true! Every Saturday Morning from 7-9am you can hear the glorious rich comedy gold that is my voice playing hilarious music from Cartoons, Chip Tunes, Movie Soundtracks, Weird AL Yankovic, Dr. Demento, and more ridiculous nonsense like fake ads, phony phone interviews, and me being a fun silly maniac Saturday mornings.

You can stream across town and the across the nation by listening live at or downloading the TUNE IN app.

7-9am too early for ya to listen live. Well I LIVE STREAM a portion of the show that is always available to watch on the Facebook page so it's FUN TIMES anytime 

"FUN TIMES with FRANKENSTYLIN... it's fun for your kids and the kid in us all."

-Abraham Lincoln