Fun with Instagram and iNaturalist

This lovely little spiderwort (Tradescantia sp) is growing right by the little bathroom I migrate to several times each day.  It was one of my first ever uploads to iNaturalist and Instagram, both of which accounts I just began this past week or so...  [the links go to my pages on those sites, lol]

Here's a couple pics I took (and uploaded to iNaturalist) three days ago, before all the rain hit...

See all those buds, waiting to open... 

The above pic was the FIRST bud to open, on March 26th.

Below are the next ones, open yesterday (March 28th), and still all wet from the rain we all had... BIG storm... I bet it hit you, too, if you live anywhere from Texas to Michigan, and all the way up into New York!  :O

And just for the fun of it, here's a couple pics of the same or a similar species, that I took in Texas back in May 2013!!

LOL, even back 5 years ago (and in fact, ever since I started college and became somewhat of a "techie" in 1998) I have walked a crazy line between nature and technology.  I love both.  Is that weird?  Heehee.

THIS is weird... my silly selfies from today!

Well, I was laughing, saying I look like Bon Jovi but that I actually like my "chestnutty" hair... and my Mate said I look like a walnut, so I had to turn the camera on myself and see how much of a NUT I am, lol.

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