Welcome To Pixxel Park.  This was requested by Dr. DP, Thank you so much . Appreciate you all and hope you all enjoy this build.

Lot Size: 64x64
Price: $190,000

This is a functional Amusement Park or Theme Park.  It will require the More Buyable Venues Mod and Auto Employees Mod, both by LittleMsSam.  The functional rides are made by Necrodog.  

Mod Links:
More Buyable Venues
Auto Employees Mod 

How To Set This Up:
Place the build on any 64x64 lot, set the lot type to Gaming Center, and add the auto employee lot trait.  This will allow you to purchase the park as the owner or visit as a park goer.  It'll also spawn 4 vendors to operate the vending stalls.  There was a mod that allowed many more but it's unavailable at the moment by Brazen Lotus.  Visit that site periodically to see when it's available again.

How To Purchase And Operate:
Create your Sim and place him on a separate residential lot.  Purchase a basegame computer, not cc, and click on the "Household" menu tab.  You should see LittleMsSam's menu, click that and then select "Buy Gaming Center".  Make your you have enough funds to purchase.

There's a door on the Ticket Booth for opening and closing the park.  See images below.

List Of Functional Rides And Items:
Small Ferris Wheel
Bungee Trampoline
Bungee Jump - Tall
Mechanical Bull
High Striker Game - Can Win Prizes
Crane Claw Machine - Can Win Prizes
Semi-Functional Bumper Cars - Work Like Bikes
Candy Cotton Machine
Candy Machine
Balloon Pop Carnival Game
Fortune Teller
Love Meter
Ice Cream Roll Machine
Basketball Machine

List Of CC Objects Used:  Please Support These CC Creators :)
JCope - All Carnival CC and Neon Arches
Necrodog - All Amusement Park Rides and Bumper Cars
Mr Creative X - Laser Machines
Mr Creative X
Sims41ife - Neon Ceiling Tubes
IceMunMun - Cotton Candy Machine
IceMunMun - Candy Machine
RexSims - Basketball Machine
Wondymoon - Umbrella
NynaeveDesign - Prize Toys
Pilar - Welcome Sign
Kardofe - Juggler Circus Accessories

Find Deco Sims Here: 

More Deco Sims Here:

Note: I used a tree from Movie Hangout Stuff pack.  If you do not have that stuff pack please replace that tree with another if wanted.

How To Install:
Download file below into your Downloads folder.  Unzip by double clicking the zipped file, click the folder "Pixxel Park - Amusement Park".  You'll see Pixxel Park Mods Part 1 and Part 2, place those files in your Sims 4 "Mods" folder.  Place the Bin files in your Sims 4 "Tray" folder.

Terms Of Use:
Please use this lot however you want and wherever.  I only ask you do not claim as your own.  Please support the cc creators and check out more of their CC.    

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