I... think it's as good as it's going to get. As you know, a year ago 7THStage created the idigdoge code in order to make it easy for people to mine in a browser in order to generate cryptocurrency. This was a great concept in a couple of ways: 1. It gave value to visiting a site, independent of a 3rd party's metrics. 2. As opposed to current faucets, it's a way to convert something, processing power, into cryptocurrency without being subjected to advertising. It was brought up to the creator on a few different occasions "hey, this would be a /great/ advertising alternative", and he would disregard it. Part of the reason is the ideology behind it being under attack legally: http://www.coindesk.com/mit-students-challenge-new-jersey-state-tidbit-legal-case/ http://insidebitcoins.com/news/mit-students-charged-with-violation-of-computer-crime-law-over-bitcoin-app/24745 Being a risk he didn't want to take. What's different, though, why am I comfortable enough re-releasing my modifications to the code that change the very concept and ideas behind its existence? Tidbit very specifically used mining software that would be dumped on a viewer's computer, even by acknowledging that they wanted it as an option instead of ads, and it was that which New Jersey used as a pretext to charge them under CFAA. Fundtroversy, instead, is Javascript-based and is not very efficient in the region of mining (my i3 barely clears 0.2khs), but it doesn't have to be because that's not its job. Instead it exists in order for people to financially "vote" through "work" and their resources by visiting a site. They may only be there for five minutes. Maybe it only generates a few Satoshi in equivalent currency per person per session, and as an objective to provide utility but be non-obtrusive, that's fine. As I stated from the beginning when I set out to deploy this, the objective was to create a form of possible funding assistance to sites that can't seem to keep advertising partners because of their known associates or content, or are constantly reported to their advertising agent by political opponents, suspending their advertising funding, while their readers and content consumers want to provide support but have no financial means to do so, but can provide "work". Pardon me, I just got a bit of an Objectivist boner. I'M OKAY NOW. Anyway, feel free to download, deploy, scream at me for bugs or problems in documentation. You guys get first crack and when I get words back, we'll throw it to everyone else. Tested it with Doge and Fedoracoin. Anything scrypt-based should be fine. Password for archive is "elpsycongroo". Next, implementation of LINK directly into Fedoracoin-Qt wallet for true decentralization. -Hope McKenna
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