"The Funkspread"

By request of my little ghosties in the discord chat I wrote down one of my tarot spreads. I like using this spread for when I'm stuck in a funk, thus it was dubbed "The Funkspread". Here's the content if you can't read my scrawling little letters.

1. The Shadow; what I'm avoiding/repressing/denying.
2. Who was I that I no longer am?
3. What skin must still be shed because it is untrue?
4. How has my shadow been effecting me / my relationship with myself?
5. How has it effected my relationship with others?
6. How can I engage with and integrate this shadow?
7. Why does this shadow have such power over me?
8. What is the benefit of me following this advice?
9. What's holding me back?
10. When my shadow is transformed/integrated who will I be?

I love using this spread for when I'm in a funk and I can't identify why I'm feeling that way. Often it's very insightful and helps me figure out how to move on.

Inspired by the idea of the "shadow" in Jungian psychology and other spreads exploring "shadow work".

Feel free to share this post - it's public. And let me know how it goes if you decide to use this spread for yourself. Enjoy!

Want a French translation? Patron Valiel Elentari was kind enough to translate it. 

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