Funky Spice The Computer Game!

What is Funky Spice “The Computer Game”?

Born of the contempt for the limitations of common storytelling and graphic/text story game engines such as RPG maker and Twine… Funky Spice the PC game development begins with building its own storytelling engine!

Platform: Windows 10 desktop.
Requirements: same as Operating System + an active internet connection.

The setting is based on the Macrophilia story series “Funky Spice”. The Funky Spice story is about a manipulative brother (the player), his ever-growing younger sister, their family and friends. And of course, a mutagenic spice which has a variety of effects depending on how and by whom it is consumed.

The main character must deal with his basic needs, university classes and family drama while trying to solve his own personal issues and of course: experiment with the spice.

Note: this is not an incest game like “Summertime Saga” (someone asked…) everything is rather clean if you like the topic of superhumanly proportioned and sexy amazon giantesses.


Ready for Alpha:

  • (Male) Main character
  • Alpha Playtesting for Patreon upper percentile supporters
  • Open ended game with sudden death for failure (You failed a class. The end)
  • Auto-save mechanic
  • Basic conversations (Based on character, location and date-time)
  • School and grades system
  • Academic Knowledge tree for Main Male Character
  • Fitness system (Frail to bodybuilder)
  • Slow Weight gain system (Skinny to chubby)
  • Slow Ageing system (AP/AR) 
  • Slow Growth system (Engine supports heights of ¨¨`~5' to ~9')
  • Slow BE system (Humanly large)
  • Game currency (aka not real money) Spice orders
  • NPC Advice system
  • NPC Calendar system
  • Sleep system
  • Transportation system
  • Server Database
  • 350 renders for characters, icons and Locations (thousands of possible combinations)

Required for Alpha:

  • 100$ per month Patreon support. (To cover hosting, certificates… etc.)

Projected development for Alpha phase:

  • Bring render count upwards of 1000 (based on tester experience)
  • Empathetic conversation (based on attitudes and character stats)
  • Beta Play-testing for Patreon upper percentile supporters
  • Open ended game with +/- status on objectives score and sudden death
  • Game-play objectives/achievements/milestones
  • Cut-scenes or other rewards for objectives/achievements/milestones
  • Refined transitions
  • Improved server data management 
  • Improved server security
  • Introduce "Minor Characters" 
  • Dating System
  • Random Events System
  • Character intimacy system
  • Main Character relationships
  • Bug correction

Required for Beta:

  • - Increased Patreon support for increased server capacity/security

Projected development for Beta:

  • Bring render count upwards of 3000 (based on tester experience)
  • Story driven conversations (Based on story milestones and threads)
  • Micro-transactions 
  • Monthly prepaid bundles for Patreon supporters
  • Account management website
  • Bug correction
  • Enrich story content
  • Fast/Temporary growth mechanics
  • Fast/Temporary growth cut-scenes

Required for “Official” Game launch:

  • Website ready (Micro-transactions for playing the game without Patreon)
  • Main story complete for (Male) Main character.
  • Sufficient Patreon support to keep the servers running.

Projected additional development:

  • (Female) Main character… Most likely a ‘Playable’ Olivia.
  • increase Growth/Shrinking range to heights below 5' and over 9'.
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