A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Plot
Hey Patreons,

Last week I officially started the rewrite from the ground up, of Stalker (Dub Mix) with my Fae and wolf shifter.  After the first 12,000 words or so, featuring a lot of flirting, sensual sex and me asking myself what happened to my Dominant Alpha hero, it was time to take the characters to the Unseelie City-State in Faery.

Side note:  In the  original, Prince Faolan was  more aggressive and more of an ass.

When I wrote the original draft, the concept of mechanizing and adding technology to the land of the Fae, when traditionally they don't have it, had me working off the concept of old networking education I had from my days in IT.  Meaning, I had the Unseelie Kingdom heavily computerized, but I never laid out the actual WAN infrastructure.  I just assumed everything was hard wired because that's how I used to set up networks before the concept of Wireless LANs became a reality.

LAN= Local Area Network.  

WAN=Wide Area Network for those who don't speak Tech.

Last night I was being cutesy while writing, and I had decided to install Windows NT 4.0 on a virtual machine, because I had VirtualBox installed.  My youngest girlfriend is learning to program in Ruby and the place she's going through suggested a strong Linux background.  I did a quick install of VirtualBox followed up by the latest release of Ubuntu so I could help her.  Doing the Windows NT install last night reminded me of when I did this professionally and we had modems.  Remember those?

AOL, why do you send me so many coasters?  HA!

Paging Dr. Ben Coleman - You've got mail!

The point is, that I have to put some serious time into creating that cybernetic world and really give thought to how they got the technology, and what technology they have.  Since I'm creating a race of sub-Fae that were forced into mechanization, I have to keep in mind the advances in modern medicine and limb reconstruction, along with mechanization and usability with what magic I leave that breed of Fae.

I still operated on the assumption that everything was hard wired and the hum of hard drives spinning would provide soft background noise.  Except we have wireless in this day and age, and the Solid State Drive.  

For those wondering, that's a tattoo I considered getting about ten years ago when I still thought I might return to IT.  But that isn't my shoulder so credit to whomever did take that photo!

Enjoy and for paid patrons, there will be content...glorious content!