Fur-Guardians Review

Fur Guardians is a retro platformer app for android that was clearly inspired by classic platformers such as Mario. This game was created by Pandcorps and is completely free to play with no ads and no in-app purchases. For the record, I played this game in my spare time for over the course of 3 days and I have to say I enjoyed playing it.


I don’t want to repeat myself too much but this game not only reminds me of Mario a lot. It didn’t feel like I was playing a knockoff of Mario, but rather it felt as if I was actually playing Mario on my phone. The graphics are dramatically changed but the gameplay is very familiar and the controls are easy to pick up and understand. The only downside to this game is the familiarity to Mario. Though the graphics are changed and the game does have its own features, its originality becomes lost in the familiar play style and environment. I will say though that I loved having achievements to have the player try new things and get rewards for them. This does help to give the game a name for itself and it also helps keep the player engaged in playing the game. 


I have nothing but praise for Fur Guardian’s presentation, the 16 bit graphics are done remarkably well. One of things I like the most is being able to customize your character. Not only can you pick the color of your guardian but you can change details such as the type of animal you are and even your eye shape. The music also does a nice job of presenting tone to the levels. The music will especially sound familiar to classic games even more so than gameplay. 


Two distinct things will keep players engaged in this game. The first being nostalgia. Due to its similarity to Mario, most players will play just to see how similar the two games are and remember what it was like playing Mario when they were younger. For others, the challenging levels and list of achievements will keep the player invested in the game for hours. As for the direct gameplay, I would say that Fur Guardians does a nice job of recreating a familiar environment. The physics are done really well and even small things such as defeating an enemy by hitting the block underneath the enemy has been recreated in this game. There are also a variety of levels that that force the player to adapt to a certain play style while on that level. 


I say try this game, it’s completely free with no ads or in app purchases. You’ll definitely like this game if you enjoy playing Side-Scrolling Platformer games, or games like Mario in general. For others I recommend at least giving it a try, I actually enjoyed playing the game despite its similarities to older games it does have some fresh ideas implemented in it too!

Thanks for reading and Happy Game Making!


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