Fursuits! Beetlecat's Fursuit Commission Information

Thank you for your interest in having me build your personal character! A lot of labour and love goes into everything I make - one fursuit can take me months to build and I hope that attention to detail shows (& it must since you are here!)

Pledging to Gold Circle means you will be granted exclusive access to my fursuit waiting list! 

Please note, the amount you pledge will NOT be transferred into your fursuit cost. This pledge goes right back into Patreon (in the form of an R&D fund) which goes directly towards support of new ideas and techniques (which have the opportunity to be applied to your project). 

Being a Gold Circle patron means having 1-on-1 communication opportunities with me and sway over what I learn and research as I work my way towards your personal custom project ^_^

Note: An average cost of a full fursuit costume from me (I AM 'Beetlecat Originals'. I have no employees) is around $6000 - $8000 and takes several months to make. 

At any point in time I have (1) one commissioned project I am currently working on (of which I'm sharing wips, videos, etc with my patrons) and (2) another chosen project patiently waiting to be started (privately processing payments, discussing references, etc). 

When I am finished the first project, I ship it off then begin working on the next project. I then fill the newly open 'waiting' slot with a new Gold Circle patron.


Since there is no limit of how many people can pledge, priority will be given to the person with the highest lifetime support (in any tier) . 

Aka pledging at a lower tier still contributes towards your seniority within Gold Circle (though you DO need to be a member of Gold Circle when I'm ready to accept a new project (approximately every 3-8 months) in order to be considered for a commission slot)

As I make a VERY limited number of costumes a year, this is the only GUARANTEED way to receive a custom personalized fursuit from me. 


Q: What type of project will you accept?

A: Almost anything! Since pledging already shows your commitment and interest in the project and my art style, I am open to taking on various projects that I would not normally accept. Fullsuit. Partial. Plantigrade. Digitigrade. Quadsuit. Pants only. It only needs to be a project I can feasibly physically make with my skillset. 

The best part of this system is that there is no 'time limit' on your commission as I will simply not accept a new project until I have finished it!

If you choose to, you can contact me before you pledge to ask if your project idea is suitable; but it's not necessary. If your turn arrives and I do not believe your project idea is feasible, then we can talk and come up with a new idea together. Your turn in the queue is never forfeited as long as you are still a member of Gold Circle.

Q: So how does this waiting list work?

A: When I am ready to open for a new project, I will give a one month warning via a public Patreon post.

Whether you receive the next fursuit opening is *completely* based on lifetime support (which should be visible at the very top of this page: https://www.patreon.com/Beetlecat/posts ) as this is what manages your slot in the line up.

During this month, I will keep you informed (weekly) of any changes to your place in line (or when you ask for an update).

Q: How do I know when you will begin MY project?

A: I keep my Gold Circle patrons updated monthly regarding how many people are currently waiting in the queue (pledging) and their personal location in line. 

This is HIGHLY VARIABLE (as I have no control over what folks chose to pledge and everyone is free to move in and out of the queue at any time) so you are free to message me at any time for a personal update. 

 Q: So the money I pledge will be rolled over into the cost of my project, correct?

A: The amount you pledge (aside from receiving my biggest thanks) does NOT count towards your projects' cost. It goes back into my patreon to supplement the tier rewards and perks as well as fund future fursuit research and development.

The amount you pledge (in any tier) DOES count towards your total lifetime support though! So if you're ready to order and would like your project at the top of the queue, then you can pledge more and receive an earlier slot (exactly like a traditional 'rush fee'). 

If you are content to wait then you are able to do that as well - it's up to you!

Why does the pledge not roll over? Because I can only make a limited number of suits through the year!

If it did roll over, then someone would only need to pledge their total fursuit cost (ie pay in full), jump to the front of the queue and.. wait in line again! Because I can still only make one fursuit at a time.

If I then limit the queue to prevent this backing up of paid commissions, then it becomes completely closed to everyone except to those lucky enough to get in right as someone is accepted.

Lastly, rolling over would penalize folks with a more simple character design in favour of only making extremely complex (costly) items with a higher pledge.

Instead, your show of support means that I hold the door open for you so that we can work together on your dream costume! ^_^

Q: What if my turn comes and I cannot afford the fursuit anymore? What about payment plans?

A: That's okay! You will simply be skipped for that particular slot and you will be put back in line for the next one (as long as you are a member of Gold Circle when that slot becomes available). Alternatively, we can discuss other options such as a partial or a head-only commission instead of a fullsuit. 

Payment/layaway plans will be considered on a case-by-case basis with a payment schedule agreed to by both parties. Fees may be levied for late-payment, non-payment, or cancellation.


Q: But I cannot afford to pledge.. can I still get a fursuit?

A: Gold Circle tier is not for everyone and that's okay too! It is simply another method for folks to commission from me if they 1) have a particular character they'd like or 2) Would like a guarantee of a future commission.

There will be other ways to receive a fursuit from me (such as through auctions or the selling of a fully-finished fursuit. All of these options will be 'artist-designed' and the customization will be limited. I will also not be able to guarantee when/if/how these sales occur but watch my social media (linked below) to stay informed and hopefully someday I'll have something you like there!

Please note, that even if you cannot pledge to Gold Circle, I have plenty of fun perks for lower pledges. So even a $2 pledge will start earning you 'lifetime support' towards your future custom fursuit and a $15 pledge will give you access to all of my work-in-progress photos and videos to maybe give you some ideas for your project!

Thanks again for enjoying my art! Please let me know if you have any questions and I will add them to the FAQ! 







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