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Sep 8, 2021

This week’s episode is devoted to the Texas state attack on reproductive rights and civil rights and its ramifications – not just for Texans, but for all Americans. This authoritarian attack codifies violent vigilantism, will inspire baseless reporting of citizens for political reasons, cultivates an atmosphere of vengeance and paranoia, and is backed by a Supreme Court packed with multiple corrupt justices installed by a career criminal Kremlin asset president. The Texas attack on reproductive rights is where theocrats, kleptocrats, authoritarians, white supremacists, misogynists, and secessionists all meet – much like they have in the Trump administration and its GOP backers. Texas is a hostage state, and we encourage you to support the Texans fighting back against their oppressive legislature. We are all Americans and we must support vulnerable Americans threatened by this abuse of power and corruption of law.

The attack on Roe vs Wade has been in play our entire life, but the codified bounty hunting is new. The sheer horror of the law has emboldened secessionist movements – both right-wing Texans and delusional people who think they can create liberal paradises – and we lay out how things would actually go should secession occur. The Trump crime cult and its backers wanted secession and the destruction of the US as a sovereign entity. This is what distinguishes them from traditional fascist movements, which focused on strengthening and expanding the state. What these corrupt elites seek is the division of the US into feuding oligarchies whose resource they will steal and whose people they will abuse. There is no good way out of this other than compassion for your fellow Americans and a refusal to accept the triumph of elite criminal impunity.

For our bonus episode, we continue the discussion of the corrupt SCOTUS, focusing on Amy Coney Barrett, the weak response so far from the Department of Justice to fight back against the ruling, and the efficiency of the GOP authoritarian operation that shoved Barrett and Kavanaugh into power. We also answer questions about Attorney General Merrick Garland (still failing after all these months!), whether the US can be in a democracy in this day and age, and the chances of Trump becoming Speaker of the House. Subscribing at the $5/month level gives you access to this episode and all past and future bonus episodes. It also keeps our independent podcast going! We thank you for your support!

Show Notes:

Opening Clip: Listen to how Amy Coney Barrett sidesteps questions on abortion ruling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRMSeikf7b0

Judd Legum of Popular Information - Thread on the corporations backing the Texas legislators that passed abortion ban https://twitter.com/JuddLegum/status/1435208451043569665


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