Fury by Joe Hoover
"Subprime, it sounded like...SUBLIME! A sublime loan. So good and smart and intricate and true, that God himself could not have dreamed it up!" 

From "Fury", by Joe Hoover, a new audio play for Spark+Echo Arts. "Fury" is a sharp, rapid-fire response to the 2008 housing crisis, prophets, and Micah 2. Enjoy, patrons!

(Note: This play contains some strong language.)

AND, thank you, patrons, for helping to make our 2017 Gala/Fundraiser a success. Whether you are in NYC or support from farther away, this event was a real group effort. In addition to the art exhibition and live music, we got to share the site in progress (staging.sparkandecho.org). Seeing patrons already there and invested in the new site made an impact to our audience, so thank you again! 

See pictures from the gala.

Enjoy the rest of the week,