Future Fossils 0035: Meow-Ludo Meow Meow (Part 1 - Polyamory, Cryptocurrency, & Nukes)
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Oh dear Lord.

This week’s guest is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow, one of the biggest characters I know.  Meow is the founder of Sydney’s Biofoundry whom I met at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Innovation Lab in February – he's a modern trickster-wizard par excellence, entirely too smart for his own good, and he loves to argue – this is one of the most wide-ranging talks on Future Fossils yet!  

Enjoy part 1 of a special double feature that continues next week…

• Biofoundry:


• Press about Meow:



• That talk I gave at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the day we met:

• We Talk:
- Cryptocurrency
- Biohacking
- Getting Married on the Blockchain
- Polyamory & Relationship Anarchy
- Intellectual Property
- An Ecological View of Relationships
- Plural Singularities
- The Genetic Origins of Hominids  (HARs)
- Would God be considered an Organism?
- Crystals Are COOL
- Mass Extinctions
- Asteroid Mining
- An Ethical Debate on Eugenics & Nukes
- Meltdowns, Solar Flares, & The Insecurity of The Electrical Grid


• Common As Air - Lewis Hyde
• More Than Two - Franklin Veaux & Eve Reichert
• I Heart Huckabees (film)
• The Pill Versus The Springhill Mine Disaster - Richard Brautigan
• “Transcending Possessiveness in Love & Music” by Michael Garfield
• Guns, Germs & Steel - Jared Diamond
• Interstellar (film)
• WALL-E (film)

“Capitalism lends itself to models that are in crisis continuously…”
– Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow

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