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  • Access to Patron-Only posts.
  • Overflow Theory giveaways, live broadcasts twice a month, behind-the-scenes video, interviews, bloopers, personal diaries, advanced sale notice and more.
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  • Access to Patron Only posts. 
  • LAST CALL! - One 5x7 inch print of The Shire sent to you in the mail! This is your FINAL OPPORTUNITY to own a print of The Shire! I'm retiring it and the end of the month and once it's gone, it's gone.
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  • The SOLAR SPECIAL! Prints made exclusively for Patrons and sent out automatically each season near the solstice and equinox. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: In Dreams Begin Responsibilities. This is a process shot of the painting hanging on Patreon's walls. It has never before been released as a print!

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  • Second option to buy. You earn priority purchasing power. No original paintings are released to the public before going through you! 
  • Larger Solar Special prints each season.

$25 helps with supplies. My art is made with acrylic, sand, wax, glass, seashells, salt, and phosphorescent pigments on canvas, board, and wood. 

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  • First option to buy. Purchase a painting outright before it's available to others. Bypass the competition and save yourself the auction stress! 
  • VIP Perks and special mailings.

$50 keeps us connected. It helps cover the costs of my internet connection, live broadcasts, roundtable discussions, interviews, etc. It's the window into my life and studio. 

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  • VIP Perks, including one original 5x7 Light Reactive Painting each year. Must be subscribed for (at least) 3 months.

$100 funds my ongoing study. I continually research new materials and refine my techniques. I think of my art kind of like a science experiment. :)

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  • VIP Perks ✨
  • One original 8x10 Light Reactive Painting every year. (Minimum subscription three months.)

$300 gives me the opportunity to do more events. I can collaborate with other artists/organizations as well as submit for fellowships and residencies around the world! It's good to be well-rounded, yeah? 

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