Future of the Daedalus
Hi guys, 

Well, it gets obvious it will take  a looooong time to collect $10k for the script writer and draft illustrator. 

So it would be not fair to promise any swift solutions here. Please, keep in mind that you're staying at will. $20+ have been dripping but they don't even pay off the hosting, alas.

Albeit, I really appreciate and value your support, guys. I would like to grant each of you a free key to After Reset RPG  on Steam as my gratitude for you rooting so far. Just PM me here and I'll send you the key.


• You don't have to keep backing Daedalus here to get the key. It's just my "thanks" for your good will you manifested already.

• If you have the key already, please, let me know in the PM. I'll send you keys for some hidden Add-ons (were available only through the KS campaign) instead.

Today I'm going to upload a new build of AR RPG on Steam and post a closed update for AR RPG backers inviting to its pre-release beta test. After the open release, I recon, more people will get interested in After Reset setting and, probably, the Daedalus will get a second breath. 

Meanwhile, I'm going to rejoice you here with various cool hard sci-fi stuff and media from the Daedalus from time to time.

Once again, thanks!


P.S.: Special thanks to Miguel Nogueira for the splendid illustration.