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We hope you and yours are safe and well, and we miss everyone terribly.  These time are incredibly hard although, I am continually impressed by the strength and support of our community.

I’m proud to say that all our instructors agree we will not be reopening for physical space classes until there are real and accessible treatments and preventions for this. The whole reason we opened this space was to provide training for more at risk populations, and we feel that reopening early is in direct opposition to that mission.

We are also fortunate because we immediately started offering online classes, video and educational archives with now daily Zoom classes through the Patreon platform taught by are amazing instructors, and even bringing on some new classes.

Big shout out to our instructors Charize Apostol, Mollii KhangsengsingJudy GomesVonique StricklenKarin SpirnSweaty Betties, and Jamal Valdez-Allen for helping to continue to provide a safe place to train. And THANK YOU to our patrons who support this safe digital space!

We priced our online classes very low to help prioritize access especially since we realize times are tough for many. We see you and acknowledge your contributions.

We continue to stand behind our mission and want to help support the community by providing safe and accessible ways to be able to train during these times.

Our community is small but mighty and we deeply appreciate you all.

Stay well,
Coach Shawn
FOUR Elements Fitness
(PS. The recorded Zoom Classes Youtube Playlist has been updated today with all of last weeks classes!)

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