Future of Steel Faith Overhaul
Venris here,

I think that most of you know that Steel wont be able to mod in same matter like he was before according to this message:


But dont be afraid. Steel and I were talking about this and we will still work together. Only change will be that I will be a head of project now and making mod changes into files, tables etc. Steel will still be around, helping and giving advices.

But hey! You will be alone now, will you manage it? Yes, I will manage this because of 4 things:

1. Modding is my full time job now.
2. Since Norsca I was learning with Steel to make all SFO changes and you maybe dont know this but recent patches are my doing.
3. Thanks to your constant support I will be able to keep this machine rolling.
4. I am never alone thanks to people that are helping SFO community everyday. Jack and Paperkat are a huge help now and they are not only that are helping.

So to sumamrize. SFO will still be up and both mods will be updated. Both mods you ask? Yes, SFO 2 is up on hidden workshop now and when it will be visible you will have something to play with. Its still small version with not many changes but it will be updated constantly. Forgive me that its not fully implemented yet but game 2 is different than game 1 and I want SFO 2 to be on same level of quality as SFO 1. Also, beta version for SFO 2 are now up on Patrons Discord for all those that support on all ranks for this month only! With that, this month lottery is not needed but it will return next week with even better prizes like free steam games or maybe even TW:W dlcs :).

Dont forget about Public Discord where you can catch me everyday:


So for now, I'll see you all in New World!