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Here's this week's animation for you, a combination of new science and technology and, well, you'll just have to see.

You may have missed it among the flood of presidential campaign news, but NASA recently announced the discovery of over twelve-hundred new planets.  (1,284!)  That, and other new discoveries, inventions and research projects seem to be arriving at a faster rate.  

Meanwhile, we’re focused on campaign essentials like this.  There hasn’t been much discussion about the science policies and beliefs of the presidential candidates, but let’s hope that changes.  It’s one thing for a candidate to spout conspiracy theories about people, it’s another to have misinformed beliefs that could impact people’s lives and the world economy.  

I apologize for being a little light with the Patreon updates, but I've been traveling and compiling photos and stories from my trip to Washington, DC for the Herblock Award ceremony.  Loads of photos and stories coming for your in posts on Thursday.  In the meantime, here is a Washington Post story about the main event of the evening.  (Where I oddly look like an alien combination of Tom Cruise and Tony Robbins due to some weird photo filter or effect.)  

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