The photo above shows a 1983 Hitachi, I used to catch this train as a kid to and from school which is why I just couldn't resist getting one for the next big diorama model that I'm working on.

If you're familiar with Melbourne at all you may recognize this bride...

It's a bridge that still stands today in Eltham and is mostly unchanged apart from a few upgraded metal beams. This bridge will be the main focus of the diorama as well as the small stream at the far end.

I'm planning to build it close to scale which means the bridge will span a total of nearly 2 meters in HO scale! It's going to be a huge diorama and depending on how easy it is to pack and transport I may display it at some model railway conventions... but that will obviously depend on how it turns out!

The train that will be displayed on this diorama is from Trainbuilder here in Australia. They are a premium model building company and they are not cheap, with that said however the detail on the locomotive I purchased is outstanding, it even has working suspension on each wheel.

I had to do a small amount of work to make sure all the wheel sets were spaced accordingly (only two needed adjusting) and the couplers were all about 1 to 2mm low which I decided to leave as this train wont be hooking up to any of my other rolling stock and all the couplers match perfectly between themselves on this model.

I tested it on some different radius curves and found it can only handle a minimum radius of 26 inches due to interference between the coupler box and the bogie. 26 inches actually works quite well for me and I don't plan on having anything less than that on my future layout. 

It would be possible to make some minor changes to the underbody details in order to get it to navigate tighter curves but given each carriage is 27cm long, any curves tighter than 24-26 inches begins to look very unrealistic.

I can't wait to get this diorama finished and watch this train coasting over the bridge!