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Today, I want to tell you the Futurist Trendcast (FT) and Lada Ray Patreon story that started it all!

During the writing and publication of my fiction books,

between 2011 and 2013 I ran my rather successful Lada Ray Blog, a fiction author's blog, which centered around my writing and book info, sharing other indie authors' work, nature and anaimals, Russian culture and travelogue. I also made some of my first 2012 predictions there, as well as began writing deeper articles, such as my Odessa pieces. As I did, I quickly realized that I needed to either expand the existing, or create a new platform for my evolving work and higher horizons. 

I needed my blog to become more all-encompassing, fulfilling a broader purpose for which I was destined. The urge to start a new blog, suitable for the wider and deeper perspective led me to opening Futurist Trendcast (FT) in 2013. I developed its concept, banner and tagline: 'our past present & future - beyond the obvious.' 

However, the blog sat idle for some months, waiting for its turn to be used properly. That turn began in December 2013, and by January 2014 I fully understood that what was happening in Ukraine was orchestrated from abroad. I knew this was a global heist being pulled in front of our very eyes. These heists, tiering apart brotherly peoples, dividing and conquering, all in the name of greed, fear and low consciousness, happened too many times in our falsified

I saw that people in the West, pumped full of propaganda and lies, had no idea what was really happening in Ukraine, Novorossia, Crimea, and Russia as a whole. I saw that people everywhere were trying to sift through lies, but had trouble finding easy to understand, truthful sources. The lies were so insidious and pervasive that they penetrated not just MSM but the alternative media as well.  

There was a need in a thoroughly honest, truthful, reliable source. Futurist Trendcast became that source. At first I talked about the Ukraine, Donbass and Crimea events. Then I started broadening the outreach and talked more and more about the role of Russia the Great Balancer, and the Great Earth Shift as a whole. I later expanded to Syria and the Middle East, USA and EU. I talked about Forbidden History and my breakthrough Earth Shift, Multidimensional and Quantum Calibrations theories and practices. 

'Lada Ray' and 'Futurist Trendcast' routinely were ranked at the top of search engines and my blog was getting a lot of new hits and readers. It grew from a mere 10 subscribers and 2000 visits in the beginning of 2014, to 18,000 subscribers and a million visits in 2017. 

The US and global cyberspace crackdown on truthtellers and great awakeners started first in 2017 and intensified dramatically in 2018. Google and other search engines de-ranked me and my blog; shadowbanning was on every platform, which made my blog, Twitter and other accounts invisible to others, unless you specifically went into it. Other secret blocks were introduced as well, some of them very insidious dark energy block form lower dimensions, which work usually through individuals with lower consciousness, through negative emotions, such as jealousy, anger, fear,  doubt, etc.  

Futurist Trendcast gradually lost 3/4 of its readership as the new readers failed to materialize due to shadowbanning and de-ranking. Besides, the low consciousness of some readers was dragging down the overall energy of Futurist Trendcast. 

I knew that I had to review my long-term strategy, and I began working on it in November-December 2017. I opened my Patreon account in December 2017 and made it public on January 16, 2018. 

Since then, I published 250 of my unique, in-depth posts, articles, reports and podcasts on Patreon alone! 

Futurist Trendcast (FT) now has nearly 1,100 of my unique and authentic articles, reports and other posts, including: geopolitics and current events, USA and EU, Syria, Turkey and the Middle East, Eurasia and China; economy, gold, silver, bitcoin and currencies; my unique analysis, revelations and global predictions; forbidden history and linguistics; higher-consciousness, Multidimensional Universe, Quantum Calibrations, Earth Shift and Russia the Great Balancer.

All this is available for free on FT. 

Due to shadowbanning and low consciousness attacks against FT, I transfered especially prized and in-depth content to Lada Ray Patreon where you can now find my most up-to-date and in-depth new articles and podcasts. I am also now going deeper, broader, higher and better. I talk about things I never breached on FT and the system of knowledge my Patreon members receive weekly and monthly is unparalleled. Hope you, too, decide to take the plunge and join us! 

Meantime, I took the time to cleanse my beloved baby, my Futurist Trendcast blog, from the low energy some, who could not control their own energy, had tried to embed in it. By now, FT is renewed and cleansed, and it is ready to start its 6th year fresh. New people, with different energy profiles began following FT. 

If you are one of the new followers, WELCOME! DOBRO POZHALOVAT'!

If you have been with FT for a while and continue being here, a very warm PRIVET! And a HELLO to you! 

Futurist Trendcast will continue being a completely FREE blog and portal for all things I do and write. I intend to keep its energy pure and high, as I always did, and I won't allow dark and low energy to penetrate it again! In this regard, check out FT's latest Christmas/New Year video posts from Moscow and St. Petersburg. FT isn't going anywhere, as some hoped it would! Moreover, it has now begun doing better again in search engines, and I intend to build on that! 


Meantime, on Patreon I will continue putting out my in-depth revelations and I'll continue building my very special, advanced and super-cool community of like-minded people, with whom I'll share my most profound secrets and works!


In conclusion, I want to tell you about my upcoming BOOKS! 

I am working very hard on several of my new books, and the first one is projected t come out in February 2019. I will soon have official announcements! Please stay tuned!

For news go to LadaRay.com under BOOKS

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