FYFCast 92 – Do The Stanky Leg
FYFCast 92: In this episode you will Hear:

– Fear & MDI do a dramatic reading of texts from their Daughter
– MDI shares the strange thing her son did in a grocery store
– We say goodbye to Big Blue
– Razar shares stories of open in the workplace & why you shouldn’t open that suspicious email.
– We wrap up with some Fear’s 5 and butt hole stories.

– Fear’s Five!
— If you had to spend 24 hours in a locked empty room with a celebrity – nothing sexual can take place – only conversation, who would you pick?
— Would you Rather, have no ears, OR no thumbs?
— Would you Rather, have everyone talk to you like a 2 years old, OR be called by a different name every time someone speaks to you?
— Would you Rather, cut off your pinkies, OR eat a roll of toilet paper?
— Would you Rather, fight to the death a 7-year-old, OR a 77-year-old?