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#FYPMdata: A debate about $$ from digital data

[image credit: CIO Magazine]

This episode has some slices from a debate I had with Niam Yaraghi about whether or not people should be cut in on the gold being mined from the data all of us create every day in the digital economy. That happens with all parts of our digital lives, from online shopping to getting medical care. 

This was not my first steel cage match with Niam. We disagreed about whether or not online reviews of doctors by patients were a good idea back in 2015, this was our second go-round from opposite sides of an issue. Health tech guru Jan Oldenburg moderated this conversation - the video of our entire conversation is up on YouTube. It’s an hour long, so pack a lunch! There’s a link to the vid, plus a link to the transcript, of the whole enchilada in the show notes, along with other relevant links to stuff we refer to in the discussion.

Would LOVE to hear your thoughts. Share those in comments here on Patreon, or on Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter and Facebook, use the hashtag #fypmdata - Fuck You Pay Me (for my) Data.

Full debate on YouTube

Niam Yaraghi

Jan Oldenburg

Transcript (in Google Docs)

Niam and I in our "Irish discussion" of Yelp reviews of doctors (two posts)

Dr. Latanya Sweeney, data scientist and data privacy thought leader extraordinaire

Data Commons Cooperative

Ciitizen (health data coop)

Humantiv (health data coop)

#My31/Hu-manity (health data coop)

PBS Frontline "The Facebook Dilemma" series (enraging + frightening)

Some stories revealing the creep factor in digital health data capture and sale:

Google gobbling DeepMind’s health app might be the trust shock we need - TechCrunch

The quest for identified data: Why some firms are bypassing hospitals to buy data directly from patients - Fierce Healthcare

Period-tracking apps are not for women - Vox

Intellectual property’s vital role in healthcare’s AI-driven future - Pharmaphorum

Startups Plan the Health Data Gold Rush - The Scientist


Danny van Leeuwen, also known as Health Hats - with his diverse and prolific health experience, Danny uses his multiple hats to empower people as they travel toward their best health. To join Danny on that best health journey visit his blog.


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