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Gabby girl (Egyptian-inspired Ryuutama)
This little girl is perfect to ask precocious questions of your party. In the right campaign, she may even be a member of it! She doesn't have to be a kid from some dusty desert town in a Ryuutama campaign, though (Egyptian-inspired or not) - she could fit into other contexts as well, provided the kids there would wear a maxi dress and sandals. (It wouldn't take much imagination to turn her armlets into sleeves with wide cuffs, after all.)

Why don't you let me know whether you have a preference for more Ryuutama kids, Ryuutama konekogoblins, or some sort of non-ankle-biter. I'll listen to any request and try to get it to you if not later this month, then next!

Sorry for the long radio silence. Should be proceeding as usual for awhile. :) I've actually been pretty busy recently on the art front! I may have more to say on this later this month, so stay tuned. :D