Gachapon Images are Live!
Vampire Princess Army / Patrons,

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! We just wanted to let you know we've uploaded the gachapon machine images from Akihabara and Nakano Broadway! There's plenty to see/choose from, so our patrons in the "Gachapon!" or "Card Collection + Gachapon!" tiers should have a fun time browsing and deciding their favorite(s).

*Also please check out either Readme file for instructions on how to choose your gachapon machine! 

**Also, also... there are some additional images in the Akihabara folder called "Places around Akihabara" courtesy of James. Check those out for some cool slice-of-life images. 

 To have a look at the gachapon images and more, please visit this link! 

Thanks again and have a nice rest of the weekend ^_^ 

MiKandi Japan