I have a brand new story I'm working on, featuring a detective named Gadwell. I'll be releasing the first few chapters on here soon. But as a little taster, here's a snippet to whet your appetite for the character and the kind of stuff that could happen. (I wrote it for a writing challenge, so it isn't actually part of the story I'm writing. Hope you enjoy it!) --- Gadwell looked around at his apartment. Since graduation into the workforce of Montel-6 it had been home, though no photos perched in alcoves and no artwork hung on walls. All that seemed dull to him now, just as they said it would. Tomorrow, it would all be someone else’s. They’d take his clothes, his flat, his body… and he would take theirs. All he’d take into his new life was the keys in his pocket and the watch on his wrist. He strode towards the door. Then, with a silent goodbye, he opened it and stepped out into the sunlight.
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