Remember the story of Pygmalion?  He was a sculptor whose statue, Galatea, came to life and fell in love with him.

Well ... these adoptable statues are waiting to come to life.

So, here's their names, and an indication of their origin myth ...

Red Varona - the actress who swindled kings

Carrara - seducer of heroes

Siena - whose pride became her imbalance

Rosa Aurora - champion of loyalty

Dark Emporadora - taken by the powers below

Macael - embodiment of mature grace

As with prior sets - $40 gets the character (royalty free, no fuss no muss), discounts on future comms featuring the girl, and a full body flat color commission.

One unique twist is that the client gets some say on the color scheme and new-clothes for the lady.  (after all, these classical statues aren't wearing street appropriate attire).

Patrons get first dibs for the first 24 hours.  then it's open to general public.

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