Galaxies ripped apart by rapid expansion
"HOW WILL IT END? Which will win in the end, gravity or antigravity? Is the density of matter enough for gravity to halt or even reverse cosmic expansion, leading to a big crunch? It seems unlikely--especially given the power of dark energy, a kind of antigravity. Perhaps the acceleration in expansion caused by dark energy will trigger a big rip that shreds everything, from galaxies to atoms. If not, the universe may expand for hundreds of billions of years, long after all stars have died."


By the way, as I was walking home late last night and singing to myself, the sky was clear enough to see (some of) the stars, which--thanks to light pollution, smog, and cloudiness--doesn't happen too often here in Toronto (or certainly not often enough). (One of the very few things I miss about Winnipeg is the sky.) I spotted Orion's Belt and as I savoured the view a shooting star suddenly winked at me and I was so surprised I stopped in my tracks and stopped breathing and singing and my mind raced to quickly make a wish and then I remembered about breathing and then started to just cry as I recovered from the shock and joy of being prompted to ask for something and of seeing what I had accepted long ago I wouldn't be seeing again anytime soon, and certainly not while living in this city. But it happened. 

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[Image description: an image of a black sky with only a few bright stars is pinned to my wall at my studio. There's a caption in white that says, "Galaxies ripped apart by rapid expansion" against the dark background. Arrows point along the edge of the page, presumably indicating expansion. Beside this image is a long piece of red painter's tape to which several cut-outs of text are adhered, too out of focus to really read.]