Hi! Happy almost end of week! We wanted to share with you guys another early behind the scenes photo of a galaxy dress for a collaboration with the talented Winter Wolf photography we have been working on! 

This dress was created out of an ombre experiment and creative inspiration.

 I've been seeing around from all the other galaxy inspired fashion! We wanted to experiment and see what fun sparkly galaxy designs we could come up with. 

Made with Ivory silk and just rit dye, and sew and glue on rhinestones and silver stars.

The top is a boned corseted top, the skirt is a wide aysmmetrical circle with a train with a built in soft petticoat for an a-line look. 

The Galaxy dye at the bottom was achieved by dip dying the top and then letting the raw dye drip naturally down the skirt.I ended up doing this at several points in the skirt not just to top to increase the affect. 

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you have any other questions about the creation process. 

Kaitlyn and the KMKteam