Galaxy Struggle: Planet Earth - Chapter 14 - Illreceived
Alastor’s head swam and his vision blurred. Despite all the strength in the world, his arms shook as he tried to drag his face off the ground and remember where he was. He looked down at the blurry cracks where his face had impacted the concrete and groaned.

“I do not want to repeat myself, human.”

The imperious voice caused Alastor’s mind to flash white in remembrance.

“The alien…”

Urgently, he pushed harder at the ground and suddenly, he felt his body become light again. His face knit in determination to stand and he pushed harder, but in response he only rose off the ground slowly. As if on a pivot in midair, he was brought to a stand two feet off the ground. He felt his neck bend and his head bow until he stared directly into icy blue eyes. She spoke slowly and methodically.

“Tell me how you got Vvorn’s powers.”


The eyes did not approve of his ignorance and they melted from icy to angry.

“Fine, one of your friends will tell me instead.”

Sophe stirred as she saw Alastor begin to rise in the air. She too began to hover. She was reaching forth with her mind to lift the section of the police cruiser wall in front of her when Aido yelled.


Alastor felt a shiver ripple through the air as he halted.

“State your name, human, if you are to speak on behalf of your friend.”

“I am Dr. Williams Aidos and I apologize for my friend’s rashness. I think that he assumed that you were the cause of these explosions.”

Helas considered the smaller human dressed in black ragged clothing. With her right hand she kept Alastor steady in the air and with her left she touched the side of her head. Her stare hardened.

“Tell me, William Aidos, how did you get your powers?”

“How? I don’t exactly know how.” He paused to consider how to respond. “All I know is that two days ago, an asteroid hit outside this city and afterwards I could heal with my hands.”

Aidos braced for her to grab him like she had done Alastor, but surprisingly, she did not and instead her anger seemed to evaporate into resignation.

“An asteroid? No wonder he’s here.”

She sighed audibly and lowered Alastor releasing him from her grasp. He did not attempt to charge her again.

“He? Who is he? Who are you?” Sophe asked, poking her head from around half of the sundered police cruiser wall.

“I am Helas of the Sodality and your world is in the utmost peril.”