Galaxy Video - Last Page 7 Preview!
That's it! No more previews of this page. Both panels have taken so long to build up because of all the angles, and on multiple occasions I've had to redo various aspects because they either don't quite match up to a previous panel, or the angles just didn't quite look right when I was looking everything over! 

Anywho, I'm feeling that this page is coming together nicely, and the angles generally look good. Though I'm sure someone could pick out something that looks a bit off. I'll get better with this stuff as time goes on. Please let me know if something is horrendously off though! Because I've stared at these pages for a ridiculous amount of hours it's likely that there are a lot of things that I may not notice. I've noticed that I kind of become blind to my own work sometimes. That being said though, I am my biggest critic after all. I try to go back and fix things if there's any problems that stand out to me.

It's getting more and more difficult to make up movie covers off the top of my head! I want to make sure they look very different from each other, and I really don't want to use all that many 'actual' movie covers from real life. Hopefully after this shelf I can change things up (if I need to make more stuff like this) and do a shelf full of comics or something rather than movies. I can approach that a bit differently, and they would kind of look similar in certain ways.

I think I'm spending too much time thinking about these tiny (mostly) insignificant details again! These are things I don't think most people would take the time to look at, but at the same time I'm sure there will be some people that will. 

Page 8 is up next once I finish these movies and add a few more details and objects to liven up the panels a bit, and then I'm super close to finishing this 10 page issue! I already know what the cover is going to be for issue 2 ;)